Hey There!

My name is Sean. I’m a software engineer with a background and interest in a variety of different software development and computer science topics. In my spare time, I write free and open source software and talk about it on the internet.

About The Blog

Opinionator is an educational blog comprised of mostly the following topics:

  • Algorithm Analysis and Development
  • Information Theory
  • Functional Programming
  • Concurrent and Distributed Systems
  • Computer Architecture

All content on Opinionator is provided free of charge and is not monetized in any form. You will not find any ads on Opinionator, nor will Opinionator track you or remember anything about you between visits. All links to external resources are unaffiliated and do not benefit me in any way. As a result, if a link on my website redirects you to a paid product (such as a textbook), it is because I am of the opinion that it is worth purchasing, and almost certainly own a copy myself.

If you’d like to see how Opinionator was built, you can find the source code for it here.